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The Racing Days!  

10 years of thrills and a few spills.  This
is me winning at Sears Point International Raceway (now Infenion) 
on September 16th, 1979.  My how 24 years slip away. 
 The bike, a 1979 Yamaha XT500, is nicknamed
 the "Trophy Getter" and is still ridden.  The leathers
seem to have shrunk over the years and aches and pains 
are starting to show up!


Amy Warr & Doyle at my 40th birthday party.  She started out in California in about 1977 (from New Jersey) at my motorcycle shop and is now a high tech accountant/controller.

Amy's Mom

Jon Card, Pamela Smith & Doyle

Three Guys in Santa Hats  Wayno, Me and Raymond
We've been friends since the mid 70's and have raced together and have shared a lot of good times with each other (still do!)  We meet every last Wednesday of the month for dinner and every Monday night during football season.


My Stepfather, Sam Deal on the 1935 John Deere that he bought new, pulling the Senior Citizen's float in a 1987 parade in Wheaton Minnesota.  He was a early founder and contributor of Senior Citizens in Wheaton. My Dad died in 1963 when I was 14 and my Mom married Samuel Joseph Deal 3 years later in l966.  He was my Stepdad until his death until 2002. He was 92 years old.  During his life he raised 5 children with his first wife Evelen,  Joe, Leo, Ida Mae, Janice and Jeanne.  He always set a good example for me (which I didn't always follow) and made feel like one of the family. He was DFL chairman in Traverse County for many years...I will upload pics of him and Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale in the future. 


He was also a poet and I will put up some of his poems.  I am so happy that I am a part of his family


Jake, The World's  Most Unforgettable Dog

He could find a rock that was thrown down a hill and never had to smell it first.  He loved carrying around dead rats and bunnies for days on end (I know, disgusting). Despite his somewhat unusual habits, he was loved by all who met him.  Jake lived to be 15 years old and I believe that he died a virgin.  Both he and his running buddy, Houston are buried on Moeller Mountain.

  This is Bitsy, a Pomeranian, helping me work a couple of years ago.  She  loved to be in her basket and watch everyone.  She's in New York now with
 Pamela, a good friend of mine.  She taught  me how great little dogs can be.
  This is Happy Monday, the mondayMEDIA mascot. 
He didn't help out with the MMTS website at all but loves to dig. 
He's also megavocal. We think he's saying, 
"I want to come back as a food critic."



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