The company was founded in l982 and continues to be a popular and respected community resource.

We have the ability to drill holes 24" wide by 24' deep and have been involved  with everything from building a stand-up Roller Coaster at Marriots' Great America to helping our neighbors with a retaining wall.

We are a small company with good equipment and lots of experience.

  Doyle, The Rocketship and the Case The Best Operator I've Ever met.  
  It's better to lean on a tractor than lift it...  

I've always admired things from our past, but when I bought my 1957 GMC dumptruck in 1983 for $2600.00, I didn't really know what I had seemed like a good deal at the time and I have always liked the lines of the 57 GMC/Chevy trucks and cars.  It turned out that I had to put in a transmission and a rearend, plus a rebuilt 402 big block Chevy engine (done myself) and countless hours before it could be dependable....I was asking more from the truck than it was designed to be...but it can handle the job today. I can pull any one of my backhoes, plus put a bobcat in the truck bed....yes, it would be so much easier to get a newer truck, but I'm not in the trucking business and the smiles and thumbs up from people make me so happy and keep me on this mission......I really want this machine to be around in 2007 for it's 50th birthday......give a wave when you see me!





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